• dAegis solves key problems of today's sponsorship industry, such as maximum centralization of the market in the hands of large intermediary agencies, non-transparent transactions and unequal conditions that market participants are subject to. The widespread use of blockchain not only allows dAegis clients to carry out safe transactions within our platform, but also guarantees utmost transparency of financial flows and partners. dAegis does not discriminate clients on size or turnover basis. Instead, dAegis is ready to work with any kind of brand or event, no matter whether it’s a small local family business or a large multinational corporation. Thus, we make the sponsorship market equally available to everyone.
  • Signature tokens are virtual tokens created by sponsees (businesses aiming to raise money) and purported to be sold to sponsors. The fact that these tokens are virtual means that when sponsees mint the tokens, no real tokens are being created. The only thing that happens is a new entry gets created on dAegis blockchain, destined to be stored forever and track how signature tokens are being spent. If some sponsor wants to finance the sponsee, them it has to buy DAE tokens and convert them to sponsees’ Signature tokens. That’s how the deal is being conducted.
  • Sponsorship Assets is a revolution in sponsorship business that we are devising and producing. Simply put, almost every item that business possesses – be it a physical item like table or banner or T-shirt worn by event organizers, or virtual item like mentioning the sponsor during the introductory speech – can be sold for cash to sponsor. Basically, that is how online advertising industry operates – there is inventory (ad space on the websites) that is sold to advertisers. Each piece of inventory could be sold to advertiser separately or in chunks. Sponsorship industry can enjoy similar customization benefits too, but, weirdly enough, it doesn’t, due to substantial lagging behind the tech advances. We essentially provide businesses with a chance to sell each of the items they have separately by tokenizing it and storing on blockchain. We see a huge scalable opportunity there, and are happy to be the first guys to drive the revolution.
  • As stated above, dAegis Match is an artificial intelligence system that will help to connect those businesses that are most likely to deliver best results possible if a sponsorship partnership would have happened. In order for this system to make judgements, it analyzes tons of information associated with each business, including its reviews, previous campaigns, ROI delivered, geographical location and history of success of sponsorship campaigns with relation to type of business it has cooperated with. That being said, dAegis Match will have a detailed machine-readable profile attributed to each business listed on dAegis. Then all possible combinations will be tested to find out businesses that are good to go together. dAegis Match will be smart enough to analyze the expediency of potential collaboration during each month and recommend the month when deal is better to happen.
    To understand how thoroughly dAegis Match will analyze businesses’ data, learn about the way businesses reviews will be studied:
    • When reading reviews, dAegis Match will rely on the wording of each sentence to estimate the sentiment associated with each review. Based on estimation, algorithm will determine the best performing partner category for this particular business.
    • Since each review has separate scoring for different subcategory of sponsorship deal, dAegis Match could understand more about specific sides of sponsorship approach of this or that particular business.
  • Creation of ecosystem allowing for free trading of sponsorship assets will give rise to a whole variety of sponsorship derivatives – secondary sponsorship products. Assets can be placed in tranches structured by a wide range of factors: physical or virtual sponsorship assets, geographical location, sponsees genres and business type, sponsees’ audience size, etc. This allows for much greater flexibility and makes sponsorship process even faster. There is no more need to negotiate individually collaboration aspects with each particular sponsee that some sponsors may be willing to partner with. With assets tranches, sponsor can purchase a mix of assets featuring the same common factors he appreciates (based in the same town, for example).
  • In fact, simple traditional cash transfer works bad. All the problems of the industry arise from the absence of regulations, clear and straightforward mechanisms. Cash transfer might be the fastest and convenient way of starting campaign, but definitely not very bright one.
    Blockchain plays essential role in dAegis, because it helps to solve one of the core problems of the industry: distrust and inability to verify information. Doing sponsorships today is a complete black box: no one knows what he is going to receive, no one can access verified reviews of previous sponsors. This makes industry opaque.
    By saving all the interactions between businesses on blockchain, we are sure to provide our clients with trustable information, which would allow them to make correct decisions and conduct perfect sponsorship campaigns.
  • As a brand or an event, you will rely heavily on the services rendered by a wide range of experts. Given the large amount of work carried out inside our network, we are obliged to present an automatic mechanism that guarantees quality of performed work. This mechanism is called proof-of-work-quality. According to this mechanism, all the information that is related to a concerned piece of work gets directly linked to that particular piece of work and appends itself to the dAegis blockchain. As the work progresses, all new information related to its progress automatically adds itself to a blockchain. Once the work is completed, the customer must accept it. However, he is unable to do so before an independent group of randomly selected experts skilled in similar professional spheres – we call them arbitrators – evaluates the quality of the work done. The work is accepted if the arbitrators reach a consensus. Otherwise, the dispute resolution process may take place.
  • We do plan to cooperate with large brands and bring them to dAegis as sponsors. We’ve done a good job in this regard, and are happy to admit that we’ve signed a few MOUs with international brands. Announcements are to come!
  • Our competitors are traditional sponsorship agencies, such as CAA, Wasserman Media Group and others, as they are deeply involved in offline sponsorship business. In addition, we closely follow the development of Internet-based solutions, like SponsorMyEvent, GetSponsoredFast, OpenSponsorship, Sponsia. We observe no competitors in the blockchain space that are engaged in sponsorship industry. This is our first mover advantage.
    The major competitive advantage behind dAegis lies in the fact that we are building a one-stop solution for businesses to not only discover new partners, but also manage their sponsorship deals. We put sponsorship-related data on blockchain, thus making the information equally available to every party. By automating the work and rendering the industry an online-enabled one, we open the world of sponsorship opportunities to SME.
  • dAegis is an infrastructure solution that is widely demanded in today's world full of sponsorships. The sponsorships market is huge – according to some estimates, it is forecasted to exceed $90 billion of annual investments by the year of 2019. Despite its size, the sponsorships industry has many problems, which mostly arise from inability to adapt to new technologies. We offer a solution that will not only simplify, speed up and reduce the costs of implementing today's sponsorship deals, but will also support new markets of small and medium-sized businesses that are well aware of all the benefits sponsorships bring, but are not able to engage in sponsorships due to inconvenient conditions on the market today. Furthermore, DAE tokens are deeply involved in dAegis operations, powering the economy of sponsorship assets. This is one of the key factors that ensure the prosperity of dAegis platform.
  • According to numerous consultations conducted in different jurisdictions, we declare with confidence that the DAE token is a utility token and is not a security. The DAE token does not generate passive income and is not intended to generate profit at all. The DAE Token carries voting function, acts as a payment instrument and represents a kind of ticket that opens access to exclusive events and opportunities. Thus, DAE token is implemented as a combination of a token-as-currency, token-as-discount and token-as-membership.
  • dAegis is a one-stop solution for sponsors and sponsees enabling them to conduct sponsorship deals. Sponsee can issue custom Signature Tokens backed by DAE and sell them to sponsors. Thanks to sponsorship assets’ tokenization, sponsees are presented with a wider range of sponsorship opportunities.
  • Indeed, DAE acts as a backbone behind all the sponsorship deals done within dAegis. Actually, DAE backs each and every Signature Token minted by sponsee. However, introducing custom sponsees’ token allows us to easily separate them on blockchain, which gives us a higher degree of flexibility. We may group them in a tranche of similar sponsees’ tokens, or sell them individually. Moreover, such a diversity of virtual currencies under the DAE hood stimulates businesses to develop their own unique intra-dAegis economics, by switching some of their services and payment infrastructures to DAE tokens. This obviously drives bigger market demand for DAE tokens.
  • Our team developed the dAegis Safe Deal algorithm, which guarantees the security and transparency of all transaction conducted within the dAegis network. The key advantage of dAegis Safe Deal lies in the distributed ledger, which stores all the information related to the transaction: the time when contract enters into force, details of the parties to the transaction and other auxiliary materials. As the deal progresses, additional details are added to the blockchain. No data can be modified or removed. In case of controversial situation emergence, independent arbitrators will be able to instantly see the whole picture of a transaction, track the sequence of actions undertaken and ultimately find the guilty party. It is important to note that each transaction that is carried out within dAegis network automatically relies on dAegis Safe Deal mechanism.
  • Sponsors and sponsees will have several options for connecting with each other. If some sponsor and sponsee have already worked together before, they are free to connect on dAegis too and enjoy safe and regulated collaboration. However, since we plan to cater to SMEs globally, it’s vital to create a working mechanism for businesses to find each other and make deals happen. We are developing dAegis Match AI system that is about helping businesses that may have never heard about each other connect. Another FAQ question cover dAegis match system in more details. Aside from automatic recommendations, businesses could discover each other through browsing dAegis. They can either search for partners with appropriate filters applied (ROI delivered, reviews, location, etc) or discover new partners by reading featured news with their participation. Also, geo-based suggestions may turn out to be useful when it comes to connecting local businesses.
  • There is a mechanism of supporting Signature Tokens’ price that we designed. Each Signature Token may be chosen by sponsee to get tied to any currency (either crypto or fiat), while also having a soft DAE value proportion in place. If DAE token market value fluctuates, then the proportion of Signature Token value to DAE token value will change accordingly, thus preventing previous and yet-to-be raised sponsorship funding from depreciation.
  • We’ve got a very diverse team out there. Most of the team is US-based, while the rest is spread across Norway, Belarus, Singapore. Therefore, we have offices in both USA and Belarus. Thanks to our international presence, in both North America, APJ and Europe, we could harness local connections to ensure fast business development. Advances in VOIP allow us to communicate and collaborate seamlessly even though big distances sometimes separate us.
  • First of all, sponsees sign up on dAegis, list their sponsorship assets and describe them thoroughly. Depending on the amounts that sponsees are aiming to collect, they will issue a specific number of custom Signature Tokens and offer them to sponsors.
    Sponsors will browse sponsorship opportunities and choose the ones they think will fit their business (either sponsorship assets or traditional sponsorship funding). Having chosen a perfect sponsee to collaborate with, sponsor and sponsee create a campaign where they both can track the work being implemented and sponsorship money being spent.
  • We are confident that sponsorship business model employed today is broken. Because of the centralized manner of work being done over the course of sponsorship campaign, decisions made lack creativity and uniqueness. The core idea behind decentralized experts approach is that hundreds of people coming from a variety of cultures, locations and experiences, can efficiently connect to work on some campaign together, delivering the most creative results possible, benefiting the businesses.
  • Traditional centralized sponsorship brokers rely on obsolete and non-optimized methods of work. In particular, they hire full-time employees who manually perform routine work on processing thousands of similar contracts. We, in turn, maximally automate the processes of concluding agreements within our network. Because of implementing a kind of freelance exchange right inside our network, we guarantee the optimal utilization of labor resources. By substantially reducing the amount of routine work performed by our experts and shifting decision-making on future sponsorship deals to our tokenholders, we are able to get rid of a whole lot of redundant employees, while providing a higher quality of services, comparing with those available on the market today. Furthermore, thanks to invention of revolutionary sponsorship approaches, including sponsorship assets tokenization and tranches, may cumbersome task become automated.
  • The experts’ services marketplace, present in dAegis, resembles a typical freelance exchange. As you know, exchanges impose a large markup on prices charged by freelancers, usually about 20%. Also there are transaction costs. We do not plan to profit from the services rendered by experts within our network. This allows our experts to set prices 20-25% lower when comparing to other freelance platforms. By charging such low prices for high quality services, we expect to receive heightened attention from companies interested in sponsorships.
  • Our team developed the dAegis Safe Deal algorithm, which guarantees the security and transparency of all transaction conducted within the dAegis network. The key advantage of dAegis Safe Deal lies in the distributed ledger, which stores all the information related to the transaction: the time when contract enters into force, details of the parties to the transaction and other auxiliary materials. As the deal progresses, additional details are added to the blockchain. No data can be modified or removed. In case of controversial situation emergence, independent arbitrators will be able to instantly see the whole picture of a transaction, track the sequence of actions undertaken and ultimately find the guilty party.
    It is important to note that each transaction that is carried out within dAegis network automatically relies on dAegis Safe Deal mechanism.
  • As mentioned above, the use of smart contracts gives dAegis an opportunity to get rid of redundant monotonous work. We created clear mechanism for solving every possible kind of issue that may arise during sponsorship deal. By abandoning fixed full-time staff involved in the resolution of sponsorship issues in favor of a decentralized network of experts, we get a possibility to respond dynamically to sponsorships services’ demand fluctuations by regulating the price of expert services.
  • We envisioned the possibility of this situation, and that’s also where experts come into play. There will be a category of experts employed as local verifiers of sponsorship transactions. They, being geographically distributed around the world, come in handy for verifications of whether this or that sponsee has installed ads, branding, or whether a sponsor’s brand has been mentioned during the sponsored event.
    Sponsors then will buy DAE tokens, convert them to Signature Tokens of sponsee they are to work with, and buy sponsorship assets from sponsee. Sponsee is now obligated to feature sponsor’s brand over assets purchased for a specific period of time included into purchase price.
    After each asset’s sponsorship period expires, Signature Tokens get burnt, and deal is over.
  • We are committed to safely storing your sensitive private information, including financials, transaction, etc. Only partners who approve their solid intentions to begin sponsorship cooperation with some business will get access to private information of this business. It’s up to business to choose when to provide such access. All appropriate NDAs will be signed. And, of course, businesses can always choose to make their inside information public, in an attempt to attract attention.
  • No, there are no restrictions! Any company can apply to become a dAegis member. Candidate companies may receive dedicated recommendations based on the result of evaluation of their financial and public information.
  • Yes. Non-profits are charged a flat 5% fee when sponsored. The fee is usually sufficient to pay for services rendered by experts. It is important to note that exclusively 501 (c) (3) corporations are eligible for such conditions. Other types of nonprofits are also charged with smaller fees. For more details, please refer to Section 7 in dAegis WP.
  • dAegis business is directly connected with processing and storage of large volumes of personal information of dAegis network’s members for extended periods of time. For obvious reasons, we cannot place such information in a public blockchain in an open readable format. We only store encrypted information and provide owners and concerned parties with private key to access it. Concerned parties may include arbitrators during the resolution of dispute.
    We guarantee the use of the highest standards of security in the centralized storage of personal information.
    Please, refer to our Privacy Policy to learn more about how we collect, store and protect your personal information.
  • Experts play significantly important role in dAegis network, because they are responsible for doing all sponsorships-related work. All types of experts that may be required during the sponsorship transaction are available for hire across dAegis network: software developers, designers, architects, engineers, audio and video production specialists, translators, lawyers of all spheres, researchers, scientists, advertising specialists, accountants and others. A dynamic discount is applicable on experts’ services. The size of discount depends on type of expert. Detailed information about dAegis experts is available in Appendix A in dAegis WP.
  • Each sponsorship transaction and campaign will be attributed with a separate expert with sponsorship experience. Experts will keep an eye on how everything is going with the campaign, and interfere if conflict happens. In order to find the guilty party, individual messages and transaction details may be analyzed.
  • Unlike typical sponsorships intermediaries, we do not charge multiple commissions for different types of services and do not demand a fixed upfront fee before starting to work with some company. Our business model is primarily based on charging commissions from the sponsored amounts. The exact commission size varies depending on the type of event or business being sponsored and cannot exceed 15%. Commission charged already includes the costs of experts’ services.
    We also make profit by offering instant conversion of DAE tokens to other currencies and vice versa..
  • Anyone skilled in spheres that are of demand across dAegis network may join it as an expert. One must provide documents confirming one’s identity to apply for an expert position. Then, candidate must provide various materials and links proving his professional experience and skills. These can be examples of previous work performed or personal portfolio. Designers, for instance, may show off their skills in form of Behance or Dribbble profile. Other experts of similar professional skills will analyze the candidacy and decide on whether the candidate would join dAegis.
    dAegis allows experts with no sufficient previous experience to get in. These candidates have to perform several test challenges.
  • DAE tokens are vowed into every sponsorship operation within dAegis. DAE tokens back all the custom Signature Tokens that minted by sponsees and purported to be sold to sponsors. This reduces the risks associated with purchase of custom sponsees tokens. Aside from serving as collateral in sponsorship deals, DAE tokens can be used to pay for experts’ services.
  • The solution we are building does not identify making profits as the most important goal. Our goal is to provide all market participants with equally great opportunities for engaging into sponsoring deals. Traditional investors and funds are reluctant to invest in such projects. We think that ICO is an excellent tool that makes it possible to bring ambitious projects, like ours, to life.
    The funds collected during ICO will be used to finish the development of the platform, to find new partners and build the necessary infrastructure.
  • We plan to release a working beta version of MVP before our token sale finishes. MVP will allow sponsors, sponsees and experts sign up on dAegis, provide all the required information and list their properties, opportunities and services. Furthermore, it’ll be possible for sponsors and sponsees to discover each other, create sponsorship campaign, mint virtual Signature Tokens, and track the progress of cooperation.
  • We make every possible effort to protect our product from problems caused by internal difficulties and external general crypto-currency troubles. For these purposes, we are creating a special purpose fund called the dAegis Sustainability Fund. Voting among tokenholder will be conducted before withdrawing money from this fund. The fund will serve as a kind of airbag guaranteeing the stable development of dAegis.
  • The presence of big resources and money has never been the cause doe success of all the unicorn tech companies we know. The bigger companies become (sponsorship agencies in our case), the more bureaucratized and obstructed their workflow becomes. The talent get lost in big companies, rendering it impossible for them to innovate. This is precisely what is happening with big brokers, and that is why they are stuck in offline world.
    So, are we concerned with potential competition from big brokers? No, we aren’t.
  • Working with many different countries simultaneously is always a hassle. That’s why we are going to be rolling out step by step. Even though companies from any region in the world will have no difficulties when registering their business at dAegis, we have a plan to first work with European businesses, get the hang of doing a business there, and later expand to North America and Asia-Pacific. Thanks to European integration, the laws of countries there are not very different, which allows us to scale to many regions simultaneously.
  • dAegis is incorporated in British Virgin Islands – BVI. This legal entity is purported to be distributing tokens and minting them. As soon as we move to operational business, we will be getting incorporated in the regions into which we’ll be expanding. We’ll first start with Europe, and are considering Estonia as our legal registration place.
    The choice of BVI as a jurisdiction for our token sale legal entity owes to the mild regulatory climate in BVI with regards to ICOs and TGEs. BVI authorities expressed no criticism against local cryptocurrency businesses and token sales.
  • Indeed, because of the relative novelty of blockchain and crypto businesses, many big brands are unwilling to deal with it. However, we observe strong improvements in terms of the attitude of corporate business towards cryptocurrencies. Furthermore, we want to make onboarding journey for new clients as easy as possible. That being said, we’ll offer a service for companies to conveniently buy DAE tokens from us, without having to deal with wallet, transactions, exchanges, etc. This is going to be perceived perfectly well by brands, since it can be compared to purchasing internal virtual currency of some service, which is broadly used by many businesses from traditional spheres.
  • First, we want to ink partnerships with big international brands-sponsors. They will provide initial liquidity to fund sponsees all around the world.
    Second, we’ll start reaching out to businesses that are in need of sponsorship financing. Since it won’t hurt for the majority of businesses to receive additional financial injection, we will not experience troubles with doing that.
    Third, we’ll pay attention to saturated industry of blockchain events and ICOs. Because of the blockchain nature of our business, it will be easy for us to partner with them.
    Eventually, after having solved chicken-egg problem and secured healthy dAegis start, we’ll keep attracting both sponsors and sponsees to the platform to keep business growing.
  • We are striving to build a platform where businesses of absolutely any type, size, kind could seamlessly collaborate to make their sponsorship deals happen. While we plan to work with big brands, we aim to do a revolution in SME sponsorships, which are currently untapped. dAegis will help businesses connect and benefit. Small local event will be capable of raising funding from international brand, and vice versa.
    We truly plan to impose no restrictions on types of businesses that can join. On the contrary, we will celebrate the diversity of our clients.
  • TokenStars has a fundamentally different business model and target audience. It works exclusively with sports celebrities. dAegis offers sponsorship of athletes as well, but is certainly not limited to only such kind of deals.
  • As soon as we start our business, we will start working with brands and events across US, EU countries and the UK. After accumulating enough experience, we plan to expand operations to Australia, Canada and countries of Asia-Pacific region.
  • It’s a tradition in ICOs and blockchain world that required ICO projects to put faces of so-called advisors on the website, and the more faces you put there, the better. We think it goes without saying that such an approach to advisory is absolutely out of touch with real world business issues. Needless to say, those types of advisors are not doing any useful work, but are getting paid with tokens, which will be sold as soon as tokens hit exchanges, to founders’ sincere dismay.
    We only work with advisors who deliver, and some of them prefer not to be disclosed publicly.
  • Despite the fact that dAegis constitutes an infrastructure solution, generally designed for parties interested in sponsorship activity, any owner of DAE tokens can receive benefits. Most of them will arise from the opportunity to enjoy unique discounts and offers from brands or sponsees that are clients of dAegis. DAE tokens entitle an owner to participate in a variety of branded events and VIP services, information about which will appear as dAegis develops. Aside from special promotion intended for DAE holders exclusively, one who owns DAE can lend DAE to other Parties within dAegis platform using dAegis Token Lending Mechanism. It’s completely up to lender to decide on interest rate used on DAE he/she lends. dAegis administration will not control interest rates charged by lenders. Moreover, DAE holders can participate in voting on future sponsorship campaigns between brands and events he loves and understands. Not simple votes, but also suggestions and recommendations are welcomed. If some proposal is taken into account, then the proposer will enjoy a reward from brand/event from intentionally created rewards pool.
  • Nothing happens. Voting does not imply any DAE withdrawal.
  • Not really. You must use DAE to take full advantage of dAegis features. Of course, you are always free to pay dAegis members outside the network using any other currency. However, in this case you will lose the ability to initiate a safe deal and, consequently, to resolve dispute automatically and quickly in case of conflict. Furthermore, many lucrative features of sponsorship assets could not be used without DAE tokens. Also, you will not be entitled to receive discounts on experts’ services. That’s why we believe that dAegis clients will mostly rely on DAE to carry out transactions that would create liquidity.
  • No. DAE tokens are only required during operations within dAegis, such as voting, sponsoring and others.
  • We do plan to cooperate with large brands and bring them to dAegis as sponsors. We’ve done a good job in this regard, and are happy to admit that we’ve signed a few MOUs with international brands. Announcements are to come!
  • Yes.
  • DAE tokens will become tradeable on various exchanges. We also offer a mechanism of dAegis Instant Conversion that is intended for clients who are too busy to participate in exchange trades. This mechanism enables anyone to instantly buy or sell DAE tokens at an exchange rate that will differ from current market rate by 3% in our favor.
  • The exact date and time of Token Sale period will be announced later.
  • Yes. The pre-sale is currently under way. Purchasers can expect bonuses when buying DAE tokens during pre-sale. To participate, you must get whitelisted.
  • Pre-sale participant must pass a preliminary basic KYC using the following link: Get Whitelisted
    After submitting your KYC form, you will become officially whitelisted to participate in pre-sale as soon as it begins.
    Watch our news to know when we start pre-sale.
    We decided to implement whitelisting because of the growing number of people wishing to participate.
  • Yes, there are. USA citizens, their permanent residents and tax residents, as well as Chinese citizens, tax residents and permanent residents are disallowed to participate in dAegis token sale. Carefully study our Terms of Service, Token Purchase Agreement and Whitepaper (for both Disclaimer and Risk Factors) to learn more and stay protected.
  • According to our business plan, we need about $14M to finance our operations over the next 4 years. This amount includes employees’ salaries, experts drawing, marketing and other investments. Based on these calculations, we set the goal to collect up to $14M during the ICO, with as soft cap of $2M to make token buyers feel protected.
  • Token ticker is DAE. Total amount of 474.000.000 DAE tokens will be minted if all the 237.000.000 DAE tokens intended for sale will be sold. Base DAE price is USD 0.122, but there are bonuses for the pre-sale (24% bonus, USD 0.098) and during the first seven days of the token sale (8% bonus, USD 0.113).
  • A total of 237.000.000 DAE tokens will go on sale.
  • We are negotiating the inclusion of DAE tokens in some leading cryptocurrency exchanges. Tokens will be listed within 21 days after the token distribution.
  • The minimum purchase amount for pre-sale is USD 50k. We will announce minimum purchase requirement for main token sale event. The maximum purchase amount is not limited.
  • They get burnt in accordance with smart contract, creating even bigger deficit across DAE market.
  • We are present at all the channels that are popular enough:
    Facebook - dAegis Facebook Page
    Twitter - @daegisio
    Telegram - dAegis Telegram
    LinkedIn - dAegis LinkedIn
    YouTube - dAegis Channel
    Bitcointalk ANN thread - N/A yet